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Seasonal Gardening Tips and Availability

With an array of different plant and tree varieties and sizes, our inventory quantities and products are always changing. Rest assured that we will have common ground covers, shrubs and trees available at all times, but please give us a call for specifics so we can make sure to have what you need. If we do not have a specific plant variety or size, we will do our best to locate it for you.

****Please Call or Email for Current Color Availability****

We work hard to have all available seasonal color varieties accessible to you. Stop by or give us a call to get info on current seasonal color selections..

Spring: (February/March-May/June)
Geraniums, Impatiens, Petunias, Begonias,  Caladiums, Pentas, Verbena, Salvia, Marigolds, Dianthus, Zinnias, Vinca, Coleus, Herbs, Annual Baskets, Ivy

Fall: (September/October-December)
Cyclamen, Pansy, Snapdragons, Cabbage/Kale, Lobelia, Primrose, Violas

Take good care of your lawn!  Please refer to our guide for proper fertilization to keep your grass healthy and green. Click Here to download

We are very knowledgeable about plant disease, fungus and bugs.  Call us with any issues you might have and we can help diagnose and treat your plant problems.

We Look Forward To Hearing From You Soon!
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